Rnnn' Rdhds

by Dangeroos

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released January 14, 2011

Written as a collaborative effort

Aaron McCuistion
Alexander Gilvarry
Erich Newey
Tyler Gilvarry

Recorded and Mixed at Sonic Doom Studios by Johnny Demonic in early January.



all rights reserved


Dangeroos Salt Lake City, Utah

This is page is basically everything Aaron McCuistion and Alex Gilvarry were involved in prior to L'anarchiste and The Wasatch Fault

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Track Name: Nigerian Prince
To rest to ride
Too West too wide to think tonight
I've got to settle it down
And cancel all of my plans
At least the ones that make themselves
Which is every single one
Which is every one and done

Tonight I'll hang out with my friend he's a Nigerian prince
No I ain't seen him since
I told him all of my secrets
To which he said I'm gonna gotta go
Wouldn't you know it he went and shot me down again
I ask Is this the end of a beautiful friendship
Locked inside this inner city grid

Peace out my friend
It's been miserable knowing you and all of your ends

On the other side of the story
There's a chance that we wound up heroes
But it's likely they don't remember
I think I'm just too optimistic

On the fence the borders the two sides
There sits those who have yet to choose
They ask what's the point of my joining
There's no unity on either side of the fence

Every man for himself
Track Name: UNLV
South of the Area 51
The part where the rocks start turning red
There's a place where wages go to die
And where life and water goes to dry

Soon the city that was once an oasis
Will be drowning all of their lawns in bottled water
So tighten all the slots because
This is a city full of thirsty college kids
Who all refuse to leave because they're

Don't think for a second that we've got some water to spare
We're all too busy trying to fill up our own canteens

Even when faced with impending drought
Nothing beats that Rebel pride
The sign on the strip says "Welcome to Vegas"
But on the Thomas and Mack it says "Now go home"
Track Name: HAGS
Summer is here
I almost hear the noise of seasons changing in my ear
I almost taste exactly where I was this time last year
I almost feel the doubts and fears I kept so dormant

But honestly what harm could it do
Weren't you there to listen to me
Even so I never found it easy

To communicate by phone
Because there's no answer
On the receiving end

There's nothing you can say here that hasn't been said
That no one is saying or that won't be forgotten
But don't shut that pretty mouth I came here to hear you out
I won't ask for apologies until the time is right
So I'm folding tiny boxes full of tiny secrets
Compromised desires and wishes guaranteed
Just to break your little heart
Yeah you'd probably fall apart
If you ever caught a glimpse so I'll keep them closed
Until the time is right

But when the time is right
We can speak our minds
Until the time is right
Let's just keep our qualms and grievances to ourselves
And keep pretending we're still friends

But honestly what harm
I was so afraid you weren't listening
I stopped listening and so here we are
Nothing you can say that I couldn't say
Nothing I could say you didn't say yourself but
I was so afraid you weren't listening
I stopped listening and so here we are again

When the season changes color
Stretch your hands and release those grudges