Squeeze the Lime

by Futsetta

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released September 5, 2009

Written as a collaborative effort between...

Alexander Gilvarry
Craig Knight
Robert LeCheminant
Aaron McCuistion

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Mawg Mansion Studios by Brandon Graham



all rights reserved


Dangeroos Salt Lake City, Utah

This is page is basically everything Aaron McCuistion and Alex Gilvarry were involved in prior to L'anarchiste and The Wasatch Fault

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Track Name: Curses
When you wake up in the morning and you see the clock is ticking
And you realize you only have a few breaths left to live
You must slow down breathe deep exhale slow
Just please don't go and die on me

Maybe someday we can finally live forever
But it's a curse I know
Just keep breathing slow
It doesn't wear off soon
So savor all the precious seconds that you can

When you're dreaming in the evening
And your thoughts are running wild
But your heart ceases to beat
Because you ran out of breaths for breathing
Do you still continue dreaming
Or experience a blackout
If only you could live again
And tell us all what happens when we die
Track Name: Between the Sun and the Sea
Cool wind is rushing past my face
And I rarely ever felt so good
But I can't help this sinking feeling
That things feel better than they should

When all is said and done
This interlude was my Icarus
I flew up too close to the sun
And melted down my heart
It leaves me wondering if
There's such a thing as a middle path
Between the sun and the sea
To make it home again

When the feathers washed upon the shore
They all cried where have you gone

If I could fly away tomorrow
Don't think that I'd feel too inclined
This complication keeps me grounded
It's always pressed into my mind
Track Name: Room for Ghosts
I'm fairly sure this is what I wanted
Peace, and quiet, and privacy
In a town where everyone else has the same things too
I've got the place to myself and several rooms that I could sleep in
And I sleep in until the sun comes up every morning

Sometimes later
Sometimes even when the sun goes down
Am I staying up late every night for no reason
Living in a small town
In a big house, in the middle of nowhere

I'm fairly sure my house is haunted
When there are only ghosts to keep me company
So when I start to feel a little paranoia
I turn on some music to scare them away
Yeah, I consider myself to be a spiritual person
Doorbells and phones ring and most times I won't answer
What is it about living alone that brings out this fear in me
Even when I know that it's all in my head
Track Name: Howdyado
Drive with all the windows down
And play the music loud for everyone to hear
Sing along to all the words you know
And just make up all of the ones you don't
And when the passers-by all stare
On their way to who knows where
Just pretend the song you're singing
Was written all about you
Every night before we'd go to sleep
She would call me to say howdy and I'd say howdyado

How do you do
I've missed you too.
It's been so long since I've seen your pretty face
Driving around our hometown with the windows broken
So the summer air is messing up our hair
And I can't believe my eyes
I'm standing at the edge of the universe with you
And it may be naive of me to say
But it's getting kind of old just standing here
And watching all the passers-by drive over the edge
Without saying goodbye

Think about the time we spent
Just staring at the wall
Talking forever about nothing
Like plays I've never seen
And bands you've never heard of
And places that we have never been
But every time we must
No matter what's discussed
Start our conversations
The exact same way
Every night before we go to sleep
You call me to say howdy
And I say howdyado
Track Name: Cush
It's your time to rise
You woke up in the passenger seat
With sunbeams on your face
Headed for no one knows where
It's your turn to drive
Are we lost and do we care
The only thing that matters is that
The ocean is within our poor vision

Dust and sand all over the seats
Clothes soaked in salt and lacking heat
O yeah we've never felt so comfortable
Am I right or am I right

Swinging on your balcony
You told me and I believed you
There is a reason
Good weather always follows you around
We were so cold in California
While your crew up North was having fun in the sun
This will be a rare occasion where the drive won't seem faster coming home
Track Name: Against the Grain
Sometimes I don't get life
Maybe that's okay
Things happen so fast
I can't keep up anyway
So I'll sit back and I'll learn to love the ride
And it feels like my life is being written like this song
And it starts with a blank page and I just go along
I just hope that I can sing the melody

I've learned not to plan for things
You can't hold hands with a memory
Soon enough it all will change
Because nothing ever stays the same

We all want the sun to shine
On your face and me on mine
We both know the clouds rolled in fast than the sun could

Sometimes there are blue skies and sometimes there is rain
And maybe you'll choose to go against the grain
But whatever you choose I hope you feel it's right
And if it feels like your life is being written like this song
And it starts with a blank page and you just go along
I just hope that you can sing the melody
Track Name: Get Your Hopes Up
They're trying to convince you to lie
You're not unhappy you're just ungrateful
Things can't get any worse and can't get any better
Not the other way around
You say let's go I say you go ahead and I'll sit this one out
You say try to stay positive, but I just look out and watch while you go get your hopes up

Is it true when you say that happiness is not circumstantial
Just put a smile on your face and we can pretend that everything is okay
I take a look at what I've got and the glass is half whatever
What is it half full of
It's half full of filth
And you take a deep breath, and you chug it all down
And you wipe your mouth dry, and let out a big sigh
And you smile
Track Name: Snow Song
I am staring out at the city's glow
Reflecting off the clouds as they blanket the light
All of my memories are drifting in the snow
Each one being slowly frozen in time

I pause and think of you

This city's holding me in like the clouds hold the light
And sometimes I feel like I can't escape
But seasons are changing and so am I
I'm leaving the past behind with all of my pain

The robin's wings
Carry me
To a place
Where I'll be free
When Spring arrives
To cover me
In warmth and light
And memories